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Originally from California- don't be fooled I am a southern girl at heart.


With 13 successful years in HR management & education, I brought abundant creativity, transparency , problem solving & leadership skills that allowed me to excel in my career. I came to realize people are comfortable expressing their dreams & goals with me. I was inspired to want to do more.


Impressed with the culture, energy, & the beauty of New Orleans Real Estate, It was like anything I was used to. I acquired a passion & began to study the designs, researched their varied characteristics, and the rest is history.


"Tenacious" is what I am often described to be, I guess that is correct. When I am passionate about something I do what ever it takes to make it come to life.


I have a fierce commitment to proactively educate every step of the way in the process & address the details of your options & or concerns. But most important I am dedicated to learning about your personal goals.

Everyone's life & economic situation is unique, I believe that personalized service is of paramount importance to match what is right for you. In harmony with buying & selling several houses I have owned, I understand the value in working with some one not only whom you are comfortable with/can trust, but most importantly will represent YOU! I don't just want to "sell you a house", I want to show you, your new home. Buying & selling a home is a big stressor.

You definitely want to work with some who will always have your best interest at heart.

I enjoy educating & assisting buyers and sellers whether it be a 1st time buyers , those looking to downsize/ upgrade or those looking to invest in the market. 

I focus on  residential properties in the  New Orleans metro area. I handle single-family, multi-family, new construction , & vacant land with experience in listing investments. I also provide staging ideas that help  sell homes quickly.


From hiring professional photographers, marketing each property online, and preparing for open houses for my clients , I will do what is necessary to expedite the sale. 


I have had the privilege of being exposed 1st hand to construction/ rehabbed & investments properties and have had the privilege to work with my husband who is a well known investor here in New Orleans whom has a successful construction company for 15+years which enables me to make  evaluations of property conditions, which offers reliability & confidence when guiding a buyer/seller.


Bella Rosa - Realty Agent

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English - Espanol - Portugueis

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